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Highest Comp Levels

Most agents fail due to low comp levels. A 45%-65% comp is standard in our industry. NOT WITH US! Our new agents will start at a 100-110% comp level. Existing & Experienced agents have the opportunity to start higher. Every agent has the ability to grow and increase their comp level all the way up to 145%. In addition, all agents are vested from Day 1. You get your renewals immediately. Why would we keep them if you are the one doing the work protecting families.

Top Agent Tools

Grow your sales by utilizing our many turn-key platforms and Apps designed for the insurance professional. Included in the program is our FREE Customer Relationship Management software and our Mobile App. Our innovative tracking system uploads our agents’ leads into our CRM system as soon as they come in. This allows the agent to track the status of the lead in every stage, therefore making their lives a lot more organized and insuring detailed attention to each and every client. Staying in front of your clients is key, so let us show you how to grow your sales by integrating these platforms today!

Innovative Lead Program

We do not believe in cold calling to generate sales. We work with a number of different vendors to generate leads, but one thing they all have in common is the fact that they all define a “Lead” as a client that contacts us for help. You will only deal with people who are actively looking for life insurance

Free Agent Training

The sales training provided at Family First is very structured and places all our agents in a position to become successful.

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